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Play RE1 on Windows 10

How to Install Resident Evil 1 on Windows 10

NOTE: While the game will run, the backgrounds will render at 640x480 but the 3D models will render at 320x240

The files on the CD-ROM

Make sure you have the Resident Evil CD-ROM inside your CD drive. Otherwise, have the RE1 ISO mounted using an image mounting tool such as Daemon Tools

Note: This guide refers to the North American release of the game for Windows 95. This may also work on the European Release.

Compatibility Mode

Right Click the following Files in the CD-ROM directory (Properties > Compatibility) and enable Compatibility Mode for Windows 95:

Checker, Launch, ResidentEvil, Setup

Frozen Red Installation Screen and Error

Proceed to run the file labeled "Setup". The Installation Screen will be bright red and freeze. To unfreeze, press the Windows Key. Right-Click and Close the Error Message.

Please specify which card you would like to use.

Select any card and press the Ok button to proceed

Installation Path

Install to the suggested Directory as shown on screen. If you change the Installation path, it will crash the installation process. Press the Ok button to proceed.

C:\Program Files (x86)\RESIDENT EVIL

Please select the level of installation:

Select all and press the Ok buton to proceed.

Scenery Data, Room Data, Music, Speech, and Miscellaneous

Install DirectX3a?

Select No. This will return an error messsage if you press otherwise.

Extract Patch Files

Extract the patch files to the RESIDENT EVIL directory. (Not the USA directory) This is the original patch released by Capcom. I have included the ddraw.dll which also fixes the animation speed issue. I have also added the FONT2.TIM file as required in the README file. This ZIP folder is hosted directly on this website.

Download RE1_PATCH.ZIP (491KB)

Note: Enable Windows 95 Compatibility Mode for file NEWEUR.exe

Command Prompt

The game needs to be launched using the command prompt. Press Ctrl + R and type cmd to bring up the command prompt. Enter the following command:

cd C:\Program Files (x86)\RESIDENT EVIL

This will navigate to the Resident Evil directory. Then enter the one of the following commands. (Both may yield different results):

neweur.exe /nocard1


neweur.exe /nocard2

Select Screen Resolution

Select a Screen Resolution then press Ok. (They are all going to look like terrible)

It works!

The game should boot up. You'll notice the options for screen resolution are limited and bugged. Press F8 to cycle through screen options.

This Error

If you encounter this error, please ensure you have followed each step of this guide accurately. If the guide still does not work, please let me know via email at or use the Guestbook in the link at the top of this page. Thank you.


In order for the game to write save files to the directory, you will need to adjust the Permissions of the RESIDENT EVIL folder. Navigate to C:\Program Files(x86) and right click the RESIDENT EVIL folder. Select Properties.


Navigate to the following:

Security > Users ([COMPUTER NAME])

Select the Edit... button



Select the Allow radio button for Modify then press the Ok button to apply the changes. Then Ok button again on the first window.

Game Freezes

Note: There is bug that freezes the game during the cutscene where Barry kills the first zombie. To mitigate this, leave the Dining room immediatley. Wesker will tell you to return. Attempt to leave the Dining Room again. Barry will comment. Then approach Barry. Then proceed to leave the Dining Room again. This should cause a secondary cutscene to occur that does not free the game.



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